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Special Projects Director

Myeong Hong Hurwitz (they pronouns) is an enthusiastic maker and breaker of technology for social justice. They are a practitioner and teacher of technology codesign, holistic digital safety, and research on technology and society. Myeong joined Hyphen in 2021 and currently serves as Special Projects Director. 


As founder of Tiny Gigantic, Myeong develops digital strategies with communities organizing for social justice to more safely and freely use the internet to speak out, build power, and dream together. Myeong was a co-founder of the technology cooperative Research Action Design (, where they codesigned web and mobile applications to build the power of U.S. social justice movements working at the intersections of immigration, labor, lgbtqia, racial and economic justice. Prior to RAD, they led codesign practice and developed undergraduate and graduate curriculum in codesign at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media.


Myeong led privacy and security training programs with the New York Public Libraries and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, contributing to the digital safety of New York residents using these public services. They have participated in and served as a member of community-based digital equity organizing efforts, including the Digital Sanctuary Coalition in New York City, ICU Oakland, Digital Access Committee of Cambridge, and the Cambridge Domestic Violence and Technology Working Group. Myeong also works with feminist holistic digital security trainers and practitioners around the world supporting digital exchange between social movements.


Myeong holds a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2003) and an MA from University of California Berkeley in Information Science (2010). They were a 2017-2018 Fellow with Data and Society and a 2017 Digital Integrity Fellow with the Open Technology Fund. Myeong is a part of queer, immigrant, and Korean adoptee movements in the United States and they find inspiration and wisdom in working alongside others with the deep understanding that our liberation is linked. 

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