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Strategic Communications Initiative:

Federal Infrastructure Investments for an Equitable Future   

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), authorizes $1.2 trillion in federal funding, the largest-ever allocation for infrastructure. Alongside the other major legislation (the Inflation Reduction Act, for example), IIJA represents a once-in-a-generation, $4 trillion opportunity to support sustainable economic development, mitigate climate change, lay the foundation for high-quality jobs––and advance equity for communities of color and other underserved populations. 

Despite the enormous potential for impact, little information is available on new infrastructure and other projects, and very few Americans know about the benefits their communities will reap. Trust in government remains low, especially in communities where past infrastructure projects have caused harm, from freeways isolating communities of color and people working to make ends meet to lack of access to safe drinking water.  

In this context, communicating about the steps the government is taking to mitigate past harms and invest in a safe, healthy, and connected future for all of us is paramount to maximizing these historic federal investments, inoculating them and future investments from political attacks, and rebuilding the public’s faith in their government and  the value of their participation in our democracy.

Hyphen’s comprehensive communications strategy will help the American public and opinion leaders understand and appreciate the value and benefits of unprecedented federal investments  on their families and communities, as well as the importance of advancing long-term racial equity, climate, and workforce development goals. The project will build and amplify a public narrative grounded in research and deploy a range of strategic communications tools, including earned media and digital communications. 

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