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May 11, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



The participating community-based organizations will receive resources and training support from training and technical assistance providers to strengthen a powerful Black- and Brown-led community-based public safety movement in 16 jurisdictions


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a major public safety announcement, Hyphen today announced the roster of community-based organizations in 16 jurisdictions that will participate in its training and technical assistance (TTA) program, a critical step in building out sustainable CVI infrastructure to stem the rise of gun violence now and over the long-term.


Hyphen anchors the White House Community Violence Intervention Collaborative, an  initiative that seeks to bolster the programmatic, organizational, and administrative capacity of grassroots community violence intervention (CVI) organizations and increase their access to new federal funding streams to scale their efforts. These new funding streams include the American Rescue Plan and 26 existing programs across federal agencies. CVIC involves multi-sector stakeholders in 16 diverse jurisdictions across the country, with local and national partners to provide training and technical assistance (TTA) on CVI strategies and organizational development. The 16 jurisdictions include: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Baton Rouge, LA ; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Memphis, TN; Miami-Dade, FL; Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Rapid City, SD; King County, WA; St. Louis, MO; and Washington, DC.


Hyphen and its training and technical assistance partners seek to empower the 53 Black- and Brown-led organizations across 16 jurisdictions to reduce gun violence and increase community wellbeing in support of the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic investment in community violence intervention. A Core 5 group of CVIC members will provide the TTA programming: The Community-Based Public Safety Collective, Cities United, The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform, Community Capacity Development, and The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention.


“With our TTA program, we are further strengthening an already powerful Black- and Brown-led movement for community based public safety,” said Aqeela Sherrills, CVI Collaborative Advisor at Hyphen. “Outside of the CVI work itself, the most important thing we can do for organizations is provide them with the tools and resources to run their operations. Through the Administration’s unprecedented support of CVI, we can make real progress.”


After months of identifying each jurisdictions’ needs, Hyphen’s comprehensive TTA program will help the participating CVI organizations build solid organizational infrastructure, develop a sustainable and diversified funding base (including federal grants), optimize the use of data and technology, and expand the scope, scale, and impact of their CVI work.


“The framework for community-based public safety already exists in cities throughout the country,” said E Ruebman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Community-Based Public Safety Collective. “These organizations are out in their communities every day doing lifesaving CVI work, and they deserve support in professionalizing it. We’re honored to be among the Core 5 groups providing the training and assistance to further empower their work.”


“Our role as TTA providers is to ensure the CVI movement is well equipped to keep growing nationwide,” said Anthony Smith, Executive Director of Cities United. “Organizational strength is key to scaling this work. It takes a combination of lived experience and learned skills to make CVI successful, and that’s exactly what we aim to do as a collective.”


“In a moment when mayors and legislators all over the country are looking to invest in CVI as a vital component to public safety, we have to be ready to meet those demands,” said David Muhammad, Executive Director of the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform. “I have every confidence in our Core 5 CVI organizations’ leadership that we will serve as a rising tide to lift all boats. Each grassroots organization’s success is our success.”


“We know CVI works, we have the evidence and the personal experience of the work ourselves,” said K. Bain, Executive Director of Community Capacity Development. “Through CVIC and our comprehensive TTA program, we have the opportunity to prove that community-based public safety is crucial to any public safety ecosystem, and that CVI in particular is an essential part of that.”


“Ultimately, CVI ecosystems in these 16 jurisdictions will get the boost they need to scale up and expand their impact,” said Fatimah Loren-Drier, Executive Director of the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention. “We’ve long needed this type of investment in CVI, and we’re grateful to be a part of the efforts to cultivate true public safety in communities throughout the country.”


With tracks for organizational development and another for CVI strategy, the TTA program serves to support CVI groups in the 16 jurisdictions with the infrastructure and professionalization their work demands, and each organization will have an individualized action plan specific to their needs. CVIC’s TTA program will additionally ensure an increased understanding of CVI strategies among municipal officials and policymakers in all 16 jurisdictions, ensuring that CVI becomes an enduring practice in enhancing public safety.


The following community-based CVI organizations will participate in this TTA program:

  • Miami Dade

    • Ummah Futures

    • Circle of Brotherhood

    • Johnny Barber Ministries

    • Community Youth Against Violence

  • Baton Rouge

    • AGILE

    • CHANGE 

    • 100 Black Men

    • TRUCE

  • Rapid City

    • Journey On

    • I am Legacy

    • WAMBLI SKA/ Woyotan Church

  • Los Angeles

    • Chapter Two

    • Helper Foundation

    • Advocates for Peace and Urban Unity

    • Community Warriors 4 Peace, NE

    • Community Warriors 4 Peace, Lafayette

  • Chicago

    • Project Hood

    • Enlace/ New Life Centers

    • Ex-Cons for CSC

    • Think Outside Da Block

  • Detroit

    • Ceasefire

    • Force Detroit

    • Detroit Friends and Family

  • Newark

    • Newark Community Street Team

    • The HUBB

    • Newark Anti-Violence Coalition

  • Memphis

    • 901 BLOCC

    • Memphis Artists for Change

  • Austin

    • YAP (Youth Advocate Programs)

    • Jails to Jobs (Nineveh Ministries)

  • Atlanta

    • Offenders Alumni Association

    • Chris 180- Neighborhood Planning Unit D

  • St. Louis

    • Project Haki- Organization for Black Struggle

    • The BRIC- Bullet Related Injury Clinic

  • King County

    • Progress Pushers

    • Renegades for Life

    • Freedom Project

  • Philadelphia

    • As I Plant This Seed

    • Unity in the Community

    • Culture Changing Christians

  • D.C. 

    • J & J Monitoring 

    • Yaay Me

    • Alliance for Concerned Men (ACM)

  • Baltimore

    • Center for Hope (Life Bridge)

    • We Are Us

    • BCMC Baltimore Community Mediation Center

  • St Paul

    • Community Ambassadors

    • Healing Streets

  • Minneapolis

    • The Agape Movement

    • We Push for Peace

    • Touch Outreach

    • Restoration, Inc

    • Metro Youth Diversion Center


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