Racial Equity Executive Order

On his very first day in office, President Biden created an unprecedented opportunity to advance racial equity in the United States when he signed the Executive Order on Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. The Executive Order is ambitious in its scope, requiring the Office of Management and Budget to study methods for assessing the ways in which federal agencies create or exacerbate barriers to equity, and to identify best practices to assist agencies in assessing their work to advance equity. It tasks federal agencies with conducting equity assessments on policies, regulations, bills, grants, and programs, laying the groundwork for broad systemic changes.

The Executive Order presents an enormous opportunity to advance equity and transform the federal government in a robust and lasting way. Realizing the promise of this groundbreaking policy will require external expertise and analysis, as well as support to develop policies, monitor progress, make course corrections, and document challenges, lessons, and best practices.

Responding to the interest of diverse funders to gather, share information, and engage with the administration, Hyphen is moving this work forward in two ways: 1) convening a cross-section of philanthropic leaders to begin discussions about implementation and 2) expanding connections and collective engagement with key administration officials.

For more information, contact Hyphen Senior Advisor Cecilia Muñoz.