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Vaccination Outreach


To increase the vaccination rates in the U.S. South, Hyphen partnered with the Southeastern Council on Foundations (SECF) to engage its member foundations to support vaccination outreach and education, using a $1 million commitment from Made to Save to secure additional funding. As a result of our work, approximately a dozen funders in Arkansas and Tennessee allocated additional funding to increase vaccinations in communities hardest hit by Covid and/or that have low vaccination rates in their states.

Humanitarian Relief for Refugees

and Asylum Seekers


An unprecedentedly high number of children and families from Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa are seeking asylum at the southern U.S. border, creating urgent humanitarian needs. And in August 2021, the United States began the process of resettling the roughly 65,000 Afghans forced out of their home country and now making the United States their new home. Many of these Afghan allies and their families aided American diplomatic, military, or civic agencies as interpreters, translators, and other personnel—and are at high risk of persecution by the Taliban.


In response, Hyphen partnered with Welcome.US to establish the Welcome Fund to support and connect Afghans and others fleeing their homelands to welcoming communities across the United States. The Fund supports efforts that enable individuals from all walks of life to welcome those seeking refuge.   It also funds innovative, systemic solutions that create a more sustainable and integrated infrastructure for welcoming newcomers in need of help.


Hyphen also supported the Education Fund to organize the National Dignity for Families Fund to secure and direct philanthropic funding to support humanitarian efforts in border communities, destination states, and at the national level. The Fund addresses urgent humanitarian needs and supports systems change. Education Fund is covering all staffing and operational expenses; 100% of all contributions go to support programs.


Similarly, Hyphen worked with the California Governor’s Office and the James Irvine Foundation to conceptualize and organize the California Dignity for Families Fund, which is managed and led by Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and the Tides Foundation.

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Food Donation Volunteers
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