Humanitarian Relief

An unprecedentedly high number of children and families from Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa are seeking asylum at the southern U.S. border, creating urgent humanitarian needs and an enormous communications challenge. Strategic philanthropic leadership and investment, both over the next 18 months and in the longer term, are imperative to support asylum-seeking children and families, restore humanity and order to our immigration system, and shift the narrative from one of crisis and chaos to one that celebrates America’s role as a beacon of refuge and hope.


Hyphen supported the Education Fund to organize the National Dignity for Families Fund to secure and direct philanthropic funding to support efforts in border states, destination states, and at the national level. Philanthropic investment would create the opportunity for the federal government to manage the immediate border challenge humanely and effectively, and in the longer term, restore dignity in the asylum process and work towards an equitable immigration system that reflects our nation’s core values. It would leverage complementary state and local government resources and engage stakeholders in border and destination regions. And, it would help demonstrate that our country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous when we have a fair system that welcomes migrants, keeps families together, and supports their integration and contributions to our communities. 


The National Dignity for Families Fund provides philanthropy the opportunity to address urgent needs in a coordinated, comprehensive, and strategic manner—and to lay the groundwork for transformative change not only for asylum seekers but for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of color) and other historically marginalized communities across the country. Education Fund is covering all staffing and operational expenses; 100% of all contributions go to support programs. For more information, contact Hyphen President Archana Sahgal